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I have seen my daughter grow with confidence and push herself beyond what she thought she was capable of. Thanks to the Hoffman International staff for all of their support. I am truly a proud parent.

Melanie Jondle

"I have had a very long relationship with Hoffman International. Everyone from the staff at Hoffman to the talent they represent, are very professional. When I am booking talent, I always know that things will be taken care of and that every detail is tended to with great attention and utmost customer service. I can trust that their models and actors will arrive on time and fully prepared for the shoot ahead. Hoffman knows what they are doing, and I love knowing that I can always count on them to deliver.”

Michelle Daugharthy  Hallmark Photo Talent Manager

Hoffman has taught me many life skills, a rarity in today's society that I will forever use. Not only did they focus on the outside of a person, like skin and nails, but every person at Hoffman also asked questions about who I was as a person. Hoffman has offered me many beautiful opportunities and I will be forever grateful.

Ashton Royer

My experience at Hoffman International was exceptional! I learned so many things I use everyday such as walking with poise, public speaking, dining etiquette, and taking care of myself properly.

Makennah Whightsil

The Professional Course at Hoffman International gave me knowledge I did not expect that will stay with me in my professional and personal life.

Joseph Lambert

Hoffman International’s Kids Klub program has been a wonderful experience to begin my daughter’s modeling career! The professionalism of the staff has been wonderful and they were eager to teach her the industry at her level. She has learned how to present herself in a more polished way, brushed up on her manners, and learned how to walk on the runway. She really had fun while learning!

Cheryl Dunn

"My daughter Sydney has been with Hoffman Agency for six years and, since her start at age 4, knew she wanted to model. The classes and teachers are outstanding and, with the assistance of the friendly, helpful and encouraging staff at Hoffman, her dream has become a reality. Since Sydney's journey began with Hoffman, I have seen lots of wonderful changes in her and at Hoffman Agency. I am excited about what the future holds for Sydney and look forward to the upcoming years with Hoffman.”

Shelly Nieweg  Mother of Child Model

My 16-year-old daughter was immediately embraced by the professional staff at Hoffman International the moment she walked through their doors. Having already had previous modeling education & runway experience, her experience at Hoffman surpassed any expectations. With individual attention and coaching by Hoffman professionals, I saw my daughter develop a more poised, confident and radiant runway presence.

Shirley Fouse

My class experience at Hoffman was excellent. Not only did I get to meet many new girls who I can now call friends, but the instructors really helped me gain self-confidence.

Jessi Oxley

I have been with Hoffman International for two years and am so grateful for having started with such a great agency. I was always prepared when I walked into a booking because Hoffman does such a great job through their classes at developing the model to be professional from day one. Plus, the Hoffman Team is extremely knowledgeable in the modeling industry and has helped me go from working in Kansas City to Dallas, and now New York. Their professionalism, knowledge and constant support have made me very proud to call them my Mother Agency!

Isaac Tullis

My 5-year-old daughter loved her experience in Hoffman Kid’s Klub program! She gained confidence walking the runway and learned how to respect herself as a young lady, both inside and out. It was wonderful to watch her grow over the course of the summer in her acting and modeling skills. Thank you!

Jill Fitzmorris

Hoffman International is the embodiment of professionalism and class. Their courses cover the entire spectrum of the industry with an exceptional attention to detail. Through their first-class tutelage and continual support, Hoffman facilitates the development of invaluable skills and genuine confidence necessary to reach one's full potential.

Mandi Ndikum-Moffor

Hoffman International is a great place to learn and grow both personally and as a model. I have taken the Full Men’s Course which provided invaluable information and was well instructed by experienced talent.

Ryan Cashatt

"I have worked with Kim Hoffman for nearly 20 years and have found her to have impeccable taste in talent, whether it is a model or an actor. She is also very loyal and wonderful to work with.”

Barry Shapiro  New York Casting Director

I have to admit I was a little unsure about having a daughter enter into the "modeling world". I quickly realized at Hoffman those fears were unfounded. While at Hoffman, my daughter has gained the skills she needed to be successful as a model while, at the same time, shaping her character, teaching her what it means to be a professional in all she does, and has impressed upon her a need for integrity in everything. I have seen her stretched and incredibly challenged and yet her confidence has soared. I call that an amazing success story.

I am convinced no matter what my daughter does in life, the personal, inter-personal and communication skills she has learned will be invaluable. I wish I could have all seven of my children go through the class for this reason alone!

Rebecca Rolf

"Living in my safe zone for 52 years was very comfortable, but also very crippling. Because of this journey I have been on through Hoffman, the invaluable lessons learned in the classes, and my ongoing association with this incredible agency, I feel like I have a pulse again. I can honestly say it has been a life-changing experience.”

Angela Moorhouse  Model

Hoffman International is truly a great place to improve yourself, whether you are involved in modeling or acting. The instructors strive to make every class benefit you in everyday life.

Kaliey Smith

I recently completed the Full Course at Hoffman International. I loved the atmosphere, and the staff was always so welcoming and helpful. I truly looked forward to my classes at Hoffman every week so that I could learn while having fun. I enjoyed my experience so much.

Olivia Eisenhauer

"We have been affiliated with Hoffman since 2001. Both of my young sons, at one stage or another, have booked jobs with clients including Hallmark, KC Parent, Sonic, Applebee's, Tide, Hostess, Sprint & KS Dental Public Health. We have always felt very comfortable and at ease at Hoffman and, while everyone there is terrific, I've become particularly fond of Cara Price. Cara has always made each of our experiences amazingly stress-free. THANK YOU, Hoffman, for giving my boys such great opportunities.”

Alexandra Drill  Mother of Young Models

Hoffman International Model & Talent Agency is absolutely the premiere Agency in the Midwest. Our two children have amazing opportunities and bookings, caring & professional staff & excellent classes. We LOVE Hoffman & all the wonderful people that make things tick there.

Amy Heithoff

My daughter was very shy before enrolling at Hoffman. The Preparatory Course has built her confidence and improved her public speaking ability. It was a great experience and she is looking forward to the Professional Course!

Lian Xu

With guidance from the amazing Hoffman staff and knowledge I gained from their courses, I see my modeling and acting career flourishing already. They have prepared me like no other agency could have. I now have a confidence in myself and my career that I would have otherwise dreamed impossible.

Kaitlyn Coskun

My daughter has taken the Full Course at Hoffman, several continued education classes they offer, and attended AMTC. It only takes one experience with Hoffman to realize their high standards and how much they care about the personal growth of each student. If you are fortunate enough to grace the Hoffman runway, the skills for future model jobs will only be a fraction of the sophistication, confidence and self awareness you will gain. This new insight will enhance every aspect of your life. Becoming a professional model isn’t necessarily the goal, but becoming the best possible version of yourself that will take you further in life both personally and professionally will be the result.

Abbi Stremming

Hoffman International gave me the skills to succeed through training and strong encouragement. I used to believe I could never be a professional model or actress until Hoffman gave me a chance to shine. I cannot thank Hoffman enough for the experiences I've had.

Marie Divine

Walking into an audition with Hoffman confidence is worth so much to us! Kali walks in standing proud and tall because she knows what to expect! I was amazed at the kids who had no idea what company they represented and moms answering cell phones and taking videos of their child. Kali may never land a commercial but she feels so good after each audition because she went in prepared and carried herself like a little professional model.

Julie Schroeder  Mother of Model

One of the things I really liked about the Hoffman International classes was getting to practice what I was learning each week. From the photo movement lesson to the acting class at Wright Laird, I was always receiving guidance from professionals to better myself. The agency's staff comes together to make each class interactive and realistic for each student so they're ready for anything.

Carley Muff

“My daughter did not participate in a lot of activities and was incredibly shy and self-conscious when she walked through the doors at Hoffman a few years ago. The results were amazing. She has had numerous modeling achievements, but those pale in comparison to the agency’s role in teaching, leading, and exemplifying to my daughter what confident, strong women can achieve if they are committed and work hard.”

Elizabeth Souder  Mother of Model

"After completing the Full Course at Hoffman, I gained the knowledge and confidence to achieve success in all types of modeling in the Kansas City market. I have been fortunate to appear on magazine covers, book runway shows, and be featured in print ads, catalogs and commercials for companies including Wal-Mart, Sprint, LG Google, Pac Sun, Tiffany & Co. and CVS Pharmacy. Thank you, Hoffman!”

Tristyn Kendall  Model

"The staff at Hoffman International is always SO kind and helpful! You may be nervous about something, but once you walk in the door, you are warmly welcomed and all of your needs are quickly addressed. I am very grateful for such a supportive staff!”

Stephanie Sommer  Actress

"I took a leap of faith in pursuing a modeling and acting career, and it has turned into an amazing journey with Hoffman International. I have been blessed with so many wonderful opportunities because Kim and her staff have shown such kind and loving support and provided impeccable training. Hoffman is truly part of my family and I am forever grateful.”

Misty Dimitt  Model