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Sophia Dominguez-Heithoff

Having been heavily involved with ballet for most of her life, Sophia Dominguez-Heithoff had set her sights early on to become a professional ballerina.  However, her journey into modeling at the age of 11 has led her in a different direction.  During her Prep class at Hoffman, Sophia became captivated with the modeling world and immersed herself into her new passion by taking every class, workshop, and seminar that was offered.   Years of dancing laid the foundation for a solid work ethic, and that fierce dedication has proven extremely successful for Sophia in modeling.  She also credits her extensive dance background to her ease in front of the camera and photo movement skills.

Sophia spent the first half of 2014 diligently preparing for AMTC.  As a teenager who was already rigorous about her skincare routine, healthy eating lifestyle, and daily workouts, she was able to spend those months focusing solely on her upcoming competitions.   Watching her on stage at AMTC, the national agents were enamored with her beauty, stage presence, and versatility.  Sophia took top honors with the prestigious Overall Female Fashion Top Model award, and was also a finalist in the Acting Finale.  Her experience at AMTC in Florida was exciting, enlightening and, most notably, life-changing.  Less than two months after receiving an impressive amount of callbacks from national agencies, Sophia signed with Ford Models in Chicago and is loving working with the Chicago clients for print work and runway.

A high school freshman still living in Kansas City, Sophia embraces the opportunity to fly to Chicago for bookings.  As a well-organized, good student who is involved in many extra-curricular activities, she knows the importance of staying on top of her school work, committing to daily exercise, and using her time well to keep a healthy balance and avoid stress.  With this mindset, Sophia will have amazing opportunities and success awaiting her.  She is a confident, beautiful, professional young woman and the staff at Hoffman is so very proud of her.  While we are so happy about all that she has achieved, we know that Chicago is just the beginning.