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Isaac Tullis

As an accomplished athlete and outdoor enthusiast who spent most of his youth in Colorado, modeling was the farthest thing from Isaac Tullis’ mind until a chance meeting at a restaurant with Kim Hoffman.  After graciously accepting her business card, he researched Hoffman International and briefly discussed the idea with his parents.  Although living in Kansas City at the time, he quickly put the idea to rest as he had plans to embark on other ventures that would take him away from the Midwest.  Isaac spent a year in California at Bethel School of Ministry and was heavily involved in several international mission trips.  Ultimately, a new business venture eventually brought him back to Kansas City and, with all things being new, he decided to take a leap of faith and enroll in the Men’s Full Course.

Within a year of his first Hoffman class, Isaac was signed with Kim Dawson Agency in Dallas and six months later, he landed a contract with DNA Models in New York.   Working for clients including Brooks Brothers, Sports Academy, Nautica, JCPenney, Baldwin Denim and American Eagle, he has realized that modeling is truly a team effort.  From agents to stylists and light crews to photographers, it takes a lot of time, cohesion, and a good rapport to create a successful shoot.  Modeling success does not happen overnight and he knows the importance of taking constructive criticism and staying positive while not taking rejection personally.  Much like starting his own business, Isaac fully understands modeling also requires long hours, uncertainty, exceptional people skills, and learning to be comfortable even in seemingly uncomfortable situations.  Isaac’s mantra is ‘Good things come to those who work hard.’   Being disciplined by following a strict, healthy lifestyle and always putting forth his best effort are what he deems the most important lessons he has learned from Hoffman.

While currently attending school in Boston for software development, Isaac is still modeling and grateful for every opportunity that is presented.   His goal is to shoot an ad campaign and walk in a runway show for Calvin Klein, which has long been one of his favorite designers.  Appealing to his adventurous side, he also hopes to secure a shoot with the outdoor company, REI.  Thoroughly enjoying the intensity and fast pace of the modeling world, Isaac still loves the peacefulness and serenity of the outdoors in Colorado and breaks away for camping trips, hikes and rock climbing every chance he gets.  Spending days immersed in nature with little or no contact with the outside world is what keeps him grounded and allows for reflection.  The Hoffman International staff is extraordinarily proud of Isaac and impressed by his humility and captivating personality.   Every agency and client that works with him is moved by his thoughtful nature and how he genuinely focuses on other people rather than himself.  As a multi-faceted entrepreneur with a perfect combination of great looks and a great, outgoing personality, we are confident that Isaac will have an amazing future with a story to tell as impressive and varied as his past.