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AMTC News!

AMTC News!

Every summer, Hoffman International participates in the AMTC competition in Orlando, FL. This summer’s convention was our 24th year of competing, with the most impressive finalist results to date! See below for a sneak peek of just how well our talent did this year:

Overall Finalists:
Female Young Child Model…Lexi Lee
Male Child Model…Ashton Dimitt, Cayo Dominguez-Heithoff
Female Child Model…Olivia Baeke, Ashley Sims, Kinsley Young
Female Young Child Actor…Lexi Lee Male
Child Actor…Ashton Dimitt, Cayo Dominguez-Heithoff
Female Child Actor…Ashley Sims
Female Fashion Model…Grace Adams, Sophia Dominguez-Heithoff, Shanley Lenart

Stay tuned for the next round of finalist announcements!