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In late 1996, Hoffman International introduced Arbonne products into our Agency. Kim Hoffman was seeking botanical skin care and cosmetics that would suit all of her models, and was instantly attracted to Arbonne because of their pure, safe and beneficial product lines. In this industry, clear skin is imperative for models and actors alike, regardless of their age or gender, and Arbonne truly delivers with their array of innovative skin care and cosmetic lines for all skin types.

We continually educate on the importance of a strict daily Arbonne skin care regimen, followed by Arbonne cosmetics for maximum benefits, to improve skin’s clarity, elasticity and texture. In addition, we advise our talent to steer clear of any products laden with hidden oils and preservatives that will clog pores and lead to a whole host of skin problems.

Not only does Arbonne offer exceptional skin care and cosmetic products, but they have achieved incredible success with their wellness and nutrition products, as well. Hoffman works diligently to educate our talent to take great care of their skin on the outside, but we also convey it is equally important to feed their body nutritional, vitamin and mineral-enriched foods to achieve radiant skin from the inside. Our models know beautiful skin comes from within and they trust the great care Arbonne has put forth into formulating the products they use daily.

To learn more about Arbonne and their personal care and wellness lines, or to shop online, click here to link to their website

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***To conveniently shop Arbonne’s products, follow these easy steps…

1). Go to www.arbonne.com

2). Once on their home page, click on the ‘Join Arbonne’ icon on the upper tab

3). This page will give you 3 options to join Arbonne. Choose whichever category best suits your purchasing needs.

4). Select your country and language from listed options (currently filled in as U.S. and English, so bypass if this is correct)

5). Enter Kim Hoffman’s ID# (Sponsor ID)…#10066116…and either press enter or scroll down and click ‘continue’ to shop