Hoffman International has had the privilege of participating in AMTC in Orlando, Florida since 1991. This summer’s convention marked an impressive 25th consecutive year, with a dynamic group of talented Hoffman kids, teens and adults who just wrapped competitions. We are extremely proud of every one of these dedicated, talented individuals, and had been eagerly anticipating their debut onstage in front of national and international agents, managers, and casting directors.
After several months of intense training for this event, they put their hard work, determination, and grace on display on a national stage and gave electric performances! This amazing group of models, actors, dancers and singers really impressed us on all levels, and certainly caught the eye and attention of the agents and scouts! All 18 of Hoffman International’s Performers received Callbacks at AMTC in 2015 which is a great honor!

The following is a comprehensive list of Hoffman Award Winners:

Acting Finale Finalists:

Redirect… Sydney Stremming

On Camera… Onnica Campbell

Cold Read …Aiden Seymour

Scene Read … Aiden Seymour, Madalyn Hesterlee, Carley Muff

Talent Finale Finalist:

Singer… Emily Blackwell

Overall Finalists:

Male Child Model… Bubba Hayne, Aidan Seymour

Male Child Actor… Bubba Hayne

Female Actress… Carley Muff

Female Fashion Model… Sophie Didier and Aliza Swan

Teen Singer… Emily Blackwell

Overall Winners:

Male Child Actor… Aidan Seymour
Female Child Model… Onnica Campbell
Female Lifestyle Model… Slesha Patel

Performer Choice Award Winners:

The Encourager…Sydney Stremming
Most Stylish… Slesha Patel
Supportive Parent… Kelly Seymour
The Athlete…Keehli Campbell
Most Transformed…Chloe Thornton
The Overcomer…Carley Muff

 AMTC Testimonials

“When Cara Price scouted me at a local fashion show in the summer of 2014, never in my wildest dreams did I imagine to be signing with the agency that would guide me to achieve the VIP Choice Award for the Overall Female Adult Lifestyle Model at AMTC Shine Summer 2015. As an aspiring model under 5’8,” most would think I was ‘too short’ to be a model. Since I signed with Hoffman International I decided I wouldn’t let my height limit my career. For the last six months, I have been training to be a better model and actress. This summer I put my skills I have developed at Hoffman International to the test, and I was able to meet with the world’s top modeling and acting agencies. Along the way, I have made such a warm and loving family in Hoffman International and met some of the most talented people I have ever seen at AMTC. The large investments in time, money, and energy were well worth the experience I have had this week. I can’t thank my parents enough for all they have put into me, and Kim Hoffman enough for coaching me to the top.” Slesha Patel, 2015 Most Stylish Winner and Overall Female Lifestyle Model Winner

“Such an eye-opening event. I’m so blessed to be a part of this and our Hoffman family. I can’t wait to see where life takes me. Thank you.” Emily Blackwell, 2015 Teen Singer Finalist

“We feel truly blessed to have Chloe involved with such a phenomenal agency as Hoffman that prepared her for AMTC! Chloe had such a blast!! It was a great experience for her that we know she will never forget. Thank you Kim Hoffman—you are the best!” Willie & Brandy Thornton, parents to Chloe Thornton, 2015 Most Transformed Winner