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Hoffman International opened its Overland Park office in 1986. This Kansas City based Modeling Agency is committed to serving local and regional clients, as well as developing its talent to work nationally and internationally. This is achieved by an experienced and dedicated booking and development staff.

As a premier agency in the Midwest, Hoffman International represents Men, Women and Children and books talent for Print, Runway and Broadcast. Hoffman Agency prides itself on great communication with our talent, and providing excellent customer service to our valued clients. After nearly three decades, Hoffman has amassed many solid, long-standing relationships with our models, actors and clients. Our Agency has had the distinct pleasure of working with both new and existing local and regional clients including Hallmark Cards, Lee Jeans, Google Fiber, Blue Bunny, Pac Sun, and Sprint, just to name a few.

Many of our past and present models have graced the covers of KC Parent, Vogue, M Magazine, Seventeen, Nylon, Simply KC, Elle, KC Magazine, and W. Angela Lindvall, a supermodel who is Hoffman International’s biggest success story to date, has landed numerous ad campaigns including Cover Girl, Chanel, DKNY, Gap, Christian Dior, Calvin Klein, and Prada.

***If you are a client interested in booking a model or talent please contact Cara Price, Agency Director, at cara@hoffmanmodels.com or 913.642.1060***


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HOURLY BOOKINGS: One hour minimum at model’s hourly rate; some models require higher minimum rate. Length of job must be specified at time of booking. Model must be paid for length of time booked.

DAY BOOKINGS: All day bookings are computed on an 8 consecutive hour basis, and on a 10 hour basis for video shoots. Day rate must be specified at time of booking and cannot be changed after the model has arrived at the job. The full day must be paid even if the entire time is not used. Half-day rates will be based on models being booked at 4 hours (or less if a client requests), and 5 hours for video shoots.

OVERTIME: Before 8:00 AM, after 6:00 PM or after 8 consecutive hours, and after 10 hours for video shoots, time and ½ will be applied unless specific arrangements have been negotiated by the agency.

WEEKENDS: Time and ½.

TRAVEL TIME: Minimum of one hour at model’s hourly rate.

ON HOLD (ON ICE): Right of first refusal on model’s time. On hold must be released or confirmed 24 hours (1 working day) prior to booking, otherwise definite secondaries or definite bookings could take precedence. In some cases, clients might be required by the agency to release or confirm tentatives with more than 24 hours anticipation. In such cases of confirmation, those bookings will be made firm and the rules of cancellation will not apply.

CANCELLATIONS: 24 hours prior to booking – full fee. 48 hours prior to booking – half fee. 72 hours prior to booking – one-fourth fee. Bookings that are reduced in time within one working day before bookings – full fee of original booked time will be charged. If travel expenses have already been incurred by talent, compensation is required upon cancellation regardless of time-frame. If booking is postponed, negotiations may be arranged.

WEATHER PERMIT: Half booked time for all cancellations – one hour minimum.

SHOPPING FEE: At clients request – half model’s hourly rate maximum – one hour.

WARDROBE CHECK: Half the model’s hourly rate per half hour.
FITTINGS: Half the model’s hourly rate per half hour.
DIGITALS: There are no charges for current digitals/polaroids on a model.

PRODUCT BOOKINGS: Please check with the agency for conflicts and rates on Billboards, National Ads, Packaging, Point of Purchase displays or use of model’s name. All products are subject to negotiation, especially with sensitive issues such as virility and female hygiene, which must be discussed with the agency in advance.

USAGE RIGHTS: Are limited to the specific rights granted (i.e. geographic, term, media, etc.) and may not be extended without negotiation.

TEST JOBS: Must be cleared with the agency; one-half of the model’s hourly rate, and no release will be signed.

1. Notify if double, triple or group bookings.
2. Disclosure of extraordinary conditions or requirements
3. When booking weather permit, specify weather requirements.
4. Provide adequate dressing facilities on all bookings.
There will be a 20% agency fee applied to all bookings and bonuses but not to any model’s expenses.

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